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Largest Selection of Hawaii's Most Popular Plants, Cuttings, Roots & Seeds at the Lowest Prices! Hawaiian Tropical Plants are "Guaranteed to Arrive Alive" Read more About Us
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Hawaiian Air Plant ~ Grow Hawaii Air Plant
(Bryophullum pinnatum)
Oliwa-ku-kahakai means beach oleander. Hawaiians called me this because I was first noticed growing near the beach. Originally, I came from India or Africa. I'm most attractive when my green and red cylinder shaped flowers dangle like lanterns. Easy to grow - you said it! Within days multiple plantlets will appear. More Info Hawaiian Air Plant ~ 2 Leaves
Hawaiian Anthurium Plant ~ Grow Hawaii Anthurium


The Hawaiian Anthurium Plant grows abundantly on the Big Island and is exported worldwide. Bright colors and glossy texture are very long lasting and it is the islander's favorite flower for home decoration. More Info Hawaiian Red Anthurium Plant ~ 2" Pot
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Hawaiian Bird of Paradise Plant ~ Grow Hawaii Bird of Paradise
(Strelitzia reginae)

The Bird of Paradise has striking birdlike flowers, beautiful leafy foliage and grows to about four feet in height. The orange and blue crest emerging from the canoe-shaped bract accounts for my attractiveness as well as my name, for I truly look like an exotic bird of paradise. I've been propelled into the commercial flower industry because of my ability to last as long as two weeks when cut, and also, because I add color and beauty to an arrangement. My popularity even amazes me! More Info Hawaiian Bird of Paradise Plant ~ 2" Pot

Hawaiian Bird of Paradise Plant ~ 4" Pot
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Hawaiian Bird of Paradise
Hawaiian Sprouting Coconut Tree Plant ~ Grow Hawaii Coconut Sprouting



Iím the best known palm in the world and one of the most beautiful. To ancient Polynesians, I represent life itself. They used every part of me to sustain their lives. Not so with the ancient Hawaiians. For some unknown reasons, I never became essential to their culture. They even refused the to allow their women to eat coconut meat. It was until the 19th century that the taboo against eating coconut meat was lifted. Even to this day, the islanders take me for  granted except when they have a luau. Then they use my coconut meat to make chicken luau, haupia and a another dessert called kulolo. Basically islanders prefer me as an ornamental, so you see me gracefully swaying in the breeze along the white sandy beaches or majestically lining  avenues and  parks. After all, what is paradise without me? More Info Hawaiian Sprouting Coconut Tree Plant

Hawaiian Blue Ginger Plant ~ Grow Hawaii Ginger Blue
(Dichorisandra thyrsiflora)


I'm actually a Brazilian, but as you can see, I've adopted very well to Hawaii. I'm a perennial herb, creeping first, then becoming erect up to 3 feet high. My leaves are spirally arranged and are green and shiny. My flowers are deep blue, almost purple with yellow anthers. These make a very beautiful ornamental and I am easy to grow. More Info Hawaiian Blue Ginger Plant Root
Hawaiian Kahili Ginger Plant ~ Grow Hawaii Ginger Kahili
(Hedychium gardnerianum)

The Hawaiian Chieftains had an emblem of royalty that was made from a pole; at the top, bird feathers were attached to form a cylindrical shaped head. These emblems were called kahilis, and wherever the chief went, this symbol would announce his presence and his rank. My cylindrically shaped cone with yellow flowers and bright red filaments resembles the chieftains kahilis; it is quite logical that I have been named Kahili ginger. Like my cousins the white and yellow gingers, I have a very pleasing fragrance. Being a native of the Himalayas, I have the ability to grow at altitudes of up to 8000 feet and endure considerable cold. More Info Hawaiian Kahili Ginger Plant ~ 2" Pot
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Hawaiian Kahili Ginger Plant Root
Hawaiian Pink Ginger Plant ~ Grow Hawaii Ginger Pink
(Alpinia purpurata)


Iím known in Hawaiian as ĎAwapuhi Ė UlaíUla. Just as my cousin the red ginger, the flower industry seeks me out for cut flower arrangements. I am a cylinder shaped flower pastel pink in color. If growing conditions are right, I will reach a height of 15 feet, and I will flower all year round. If my floral head is allowed to mature, plantlets will eventually appear. In this way, I propagate myself. More Info Hawaiian Pink Ginger Plant ~ 2" Pot

Hawaiian Pink Ginger Plant Root
Hawaiian Red Ginger Plant ~ Grow Hawaii Ginger Red
(Alpinia purpurata)


I'm known in Hawaiian as 'Awapuhi - Ula'Ula. The flower industry seeks me out for cut flower arrangements. They have come to realize my beauty as I'm an upright head of rich, crimson, and my leaves are a deep green. I, as well as my leaves, add striking color to a bouquet. If my floral head is allowed to mature, plantlets will eventually appear. In this way, I propagate myself. More Info Hawaiian Red Ginger Plant ~ 2" Pot

Hawaiian Red Ginger Plant Root
Hawaiian White Ginger Plant ~ Grow Hawaii Ginger White
(Hedychium coronarium)


Awapuhi Ke'okoe'o is my Hawaiian name, and I agree it's a mouthful to say. I'm pure white, and some say I resemble white orchids from afar. I was brought to Hawaii in the 19th century and became a favorite evening lei flower. I would sweetly scent the bodies of the wearers, so I eventually became a symbol of love. More Info Hawaiian White Ginger Plant Root
Hawaiian Guava Fruit Plant Seeds ~ Grow Hawaii Guava Seeds
(Psidium guajava)


The Guava is the favorite wild fruit in Hawaii, found growing abundantly throughout the islands. It is rich in vitamin C and made into delicious preserves. Each package contains guava seeds that are shipped fresh from the Big Island of Hawaii. More Info Hawaiian Guava Plant Fruit Seeds
Hawaiian Hibiscus Plant ~ Grow Hawaii Hibiscus Hibiscus makes an excellent houseplant. They are found in many homes, apartments, offices and other places of business. Available in Red, Yellow, Pink and Orange. More Info Hawaiian Hibiscus Plant Cuttings
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Hawaiian Kona Coffee Plant ~ Grow Hawaii Kona Coffee Plant
(Coffea arabica)
Full flavored and aromatic, this is how coffee lovers describe me. I'm commercially grown and processed in Kona on the slopes of Mauna Loa of the Big Island. If your in Kona, come up to the 1,000 to 2,000 foot level, and you will see that I dominate the landscape. You may not believe this, but I'm related to the Gardenia so my flowers are very fragrant. It's my bean, however, that's highly prized! After my beans have been dried, shelled, roasted, grounded and brewed, it's ummm, ummm so good! More Info

Coffee Arabica (Kona) as we call it is an evergreen tree with dark green waxy, pointed, opposite leaves with bright red berries. Each package contains 6 Kona coffee seeds that are grown and shipped fresh from the Big Island of Hawaii.

Hawaiian Kona Coffee Plant ~ 2" Pot
Hawaiian Kona Coffee Plant ~ 4" Pot
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Hawaiian Kona Coffee Seeds
Hawaiian Macadamia Nut Plant ~ Grow Hawaii

Macadamia Nut Plant



You no doubt have enjoyed me dipped in chocolate or roasted and salted, but I can also be eaten raw. I'm a good source of vitamin B1, calcium, phosphorous and iron. My tree has shiny green holly-like foliage and makes an attractive shade tree. Due to my delicate flavor, I'm fast becoming a worldwide favorite. More Info

Hawaiian macadamia nuts are some of the world's best. Famous for the creamy taste and crunchy texture, they are great in desserts or as a snack. Each package of Hawaiian macadamia nut seeds are shipped fresh from the Big Island of Hawaii. More Info

Hawaiian Macadamia Nut Plant ~ 2" Pot
Hawaiian Macadamia Nut Plant Seeds
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Hawaiian Bamboo Orchid Plant ~ Grow Hawaii Orchid Bamboo
(Arundina bambusifolia)


At one time I was quite abundant in Hawaii, but now I'm seen less and less. My foliage is slender, erect reed like, and I grow and grow just like bamboo, up to 5 feet tall. I suppose that's why I'm called Bamboo Orchid. I look like a miniature Cattleya Orchid. I'm lavender with a yellow-throated, purple-violet spurless lip. More Info Hawaiian Bamboo Orchid Plant
 ~ 2 Rooted Bulbs

Hawaiian Bamboo Orchid Plant ~ 4" Pot
Hawaiian Cattleya Orchid Plant ~ Grow Hawaii Orchid Cattleya


The aristocrat of flowers is what Iíve been called by some. Iíve been developed into thousands of hybrids and may be found in a wide range of color. The traditional lavender in now accompanied by whites, brilliant reds, shades of orange, yellows and even green. In the past, I was considered a corsage flower and given on special occasions to very, very special people. More and more, however, Iím used in cut flower arrangements or given as a flowering plant. Because my plant can tolerate varying cultures and can stand some mistreatment, it is a very good choice for the novice. More Info Hawaiian Cattleya Orchid Plant ~ 2" Pot
Hawaiian Dendrobium Orchid Plant ~ Grow Hawaii Orchid Dendrobium


There are about 1500 species, as well as several hundred hybrids of me, and I come from places such as India, Australia, Japan, China and Asian tropics and islands of the Pacific. My name Dendrobium stems from classic Greek and means ďliving on a tree.Ē Most of the species are tree dwellers, but I will nicely in a pot grown indoors. Iíve been quite popular with islanders for a long time. They plant me on their fern trees because Iím a good bloomer and easy to care for. More Info Hawaiian Dendrobium Orchid Plant ~ 2" Pot

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Hawaiian Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant ~ Grow Hawaii Orchid Phalaenopsis


My name comes from the classic Greek and means ďmoth-like.Ē I bloom up to a dozen flowers on a graceful arch which give the illusion of butterflies in flight. My flowers last up to 2 months, and the succession of blooms on a single plant may produce flowers for more than half the year. I have been told that Iím among the loveliest of all the spray orchids. More Info Hawaiian Phalaenopsis Orchid Plant ~ 2" Pot
Hawaiian Vanda Joaquim Orchid Plant ~ Grow Hawaii Orchid Vanda Joaquim


Iím a hybrid cross made about 1890 by a Mr. Joaquim of Singapore and named for his daughter Agnes. I was brought to Hawaii around 1930 but I did not become world famous until 1946 when I was marketed in the US. I was first used as a lei flower in 1938 and eventually became very popular. Hilo and Puna districts of the Big Island, Hawaii, are main centers of commercially grown vandas. I have light lavender petals and a dark lavender lip, and I last and last and last.  More Info Hawaiian Vanda Joaquim Orchid Plant ~ 2" Pot
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Hawaiian Strap Leaf Vanda Orchid Plant ~ Grow Hawaii Orchid Strap leaf Vanda


I made my way to Hawaii from the Philippines, Malaysia and the Himalayas, but now it's here that I'm grown extensively as a commercial crop. I bloom on upright spikes which sprout from between strap-shaped leaves, hence, the name Strap-leaf Vanda. Each spike will produce 3-12 flowers, and I last a long time, around 20 to 30 days in perfect form. More Info Hawaiian Vanda Strap Leaf Orchid Plant ~ 2" Pot
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Hawaiian Papaya Fruit Plant Seeds ~ Grow Hawaii Papaya Seeds
(Carica papaya)
Islanders and visitors enjoy me as a breakfast fruit because I'm delicious, a good source of calcium, sugar, and vitamins A, C, and G; but listen to this - as a green fruit, islanders cook me in soups and stews. It's hard to believe but I taste like squash. Also, my milky sap from green fruits contain a protein enzyme, papain. If my sap is rubbed on fresh meat and the meat is wrapped in my leaves and left overnight, presto - tenderized meat! More Info Hawaiian Papaya Fruit Plant Seeds
Hawaiian Passion Fruit Plant Seeds ~ Grow Hawaii Passion Fruit Seeds
(Passiflora edulis flavicarpa)
Iím more widely known by the name Passion fruit, but the islanders call me Lilikoi. Iím rich in vitamins, delicious in flavor, and beautiful as an ornamental vine. Not only do the islanders use me as a fruit juice, but they also use me to make refreshing ices, in their cakes and frostings, or made into jams and jellies Ė yummy! More Info Hawaiian Passion Fruit Plant Seeds
Hawaiian Pineapple Plant ~ Grow Hawaii Pineapple Plant
(Ananas comosus


The Hawaiians call me hala-kahiki, meaning hala from a foreign land. There is some question as to how I got to Hawaii and from where. Some say Spanish explorers carried me to Europe from South America. How I got here is not important. What is important is that Iím commercially grown for my delicious fruit, and I and a major industry in Hawaii. Isnít it true that when you hear the name Hawaii you think of dancing Hula girls, swaying coconut palm trees and pineapples? I have truly become a part of paradise-wouldnít you say? More Info Hawaiian Pineapple Plant ~ 4" Pot
Hawaiian Pink Plumeria Plant ~ Grow HawaiiHawaiian Red Plumeria Plant ~ Grow HawaiiHawaiian White Plumeria Plant ~ Grow Hawaii
Hawaiian Yellow Plumeria Plant ~ Grow Hawaii


Check out our Plumeria FAQ's page. See answers to the most asked questions about this popular tropical plant.

Pua Melia is what Iím called in Hawaiian, but Plumeria is my botanical name. My popularity among the islanders speaks for itself. Itís you though, the visitor, who have made me a very popular lei flower. This is because of my delicate fragrance and the fact that Iím long lasting as a lei. Balmy nights, moonlit beaches and Plumeria flowers; this is Hawaii! More Info

Hawaiian Plumeria Plant ~ 10" Cutting
4 Mixed Colors is only available when buying 4 or more cuttings

Hawaiian Plumeria Plant in 4" Pot
Hawaiian Stephanotis Plant ~ Grow Hawaii Stephanotis Plant
(Stephanotis floribunda)
White waxy trumpets about 2 inches long with a delicately pleasant fragrance my distinction. Although I'm a native of Madagascar, my fragrance quickly captivated the native Hawaiians and they adopted me very quickly as a lei flower and especially as a wedding bouquet flowers. That's why my Hawaiian name is Pua Male - marry flower. I am a woody vine and my leaves are thick and glossy, but it is my fragrance that is treasured. More Info Hawaiian Stephanotis Plant ~ 2" Pot
Hawaiian Stephanotis Plant ~ 4" Pot
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Hawaiian Stephanotis
Plant Seeds
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Hawaiian Ti Plant ~ Grow Hawaii Ti Variegated Plant I served a very useful purpose in the lives of the Hawaiians. They used my leaves to make whistles, house thatch, raincoats, sandals, plates and wrappers for food. They even distilled my root to produce a high-grade brandy called Okolehao. Today, I'm used to make Hula skirts, in flower arrangements, and my green leaves are still used to impart special flavor to foods when wrapped and steamed. Amazing you say! Yes, I'm amazingly useful.

The Hawaiian Ti is a good luck plant, rich in Hawaiian lore. The early Hawaiians used Ti to make hula skirts, to wrap and store food, and also as roofing for their homes. It is thought to ward off evil spirits and is a symbol of divine power. From the root of the Ti, a high grade brandy called Okolehao, is made. It is also a popular ornamental plant. More Info

Hawaiian Variegated Ti Plant ~ 2" Pot

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Hawaiian Ti Logs ~ 2 Logs per Package
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Hawaiian Tuberose Plant ~ Grow Hawaii Tuberose
(Polianthes tuberosa)
Although not a member of the rose family, I have become known as the the "rose" of Hawaii. My very fragrant flowers are quite popular in floral arrangements, perfumes and flower leis. More Info Hawaiian Tuberose Plant ~ 2" Pot
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Hawaiian Hapu'u Tree Fern Plant ~ Grow Hawaii Tree Fern Hapuíu
(Cibotium splendens)
My name is Hapuíu-Pulu. Iím a very popular ornamental here in Hawaii. Hotels as well as office buildings use me to bring elegance to a garden area. Even islanders love my lacy green fronds, and in the wetter areas of the various islands, you will see me gracefully adorning their gardens. More Info Hawaiian Hapu'u Tree Fern Plant Cutting


Hawaiian Woodrose Plant Seeds ~ Grow Hawaii Woodrose Seeds


Each package of Hawaiian Woodrose Plant Seeds are shipped fresh from the Big Island of Hawaii. More Info Out of Stock


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