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Hawaiian Air Plant 2 Leaves (Bryophullum pinnatum) ~ Grow Hawaii

Hawaiian Air Plant (Bryophullum pinnatum) ~ Grow Hawaii

Oliwa-ku-kahakai means beach oleander. Hawaiians called me this because I was first noticed growing near the beach. Originally, I came from India or Africa. I'm most attractive when my green and red cylinder shaped flowers dangle like lanterns. Easy to grow - you said it! Within days multiple plantlets will appear.

Hawaiian Air Plant 2 Leaves Grow Hawaii (Bryophullum pinnatum)

Each package contains
2 Air Plant Leaves

    1 Package           $3.99
    5 Packages       $17.99
  10 Packages       $29.99
  50 Packages     $129.99
100 Packages     $249.99

Growing Instructions: Lay leaf on peat moss and perlite or a good garden soil. A window with fresh air and good light will be fine and temperatures of 50F to 70F perfect. Following this watering practice is important - drench thoroughly, then allow to become moderately dry between watering. Fertilize with a timed- release or garden fertilizer according to the instructions.
Additional Information: Great gift, easy to grow.
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