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Hawaiian Bamboo Orchid Plant 4" Pot (Arundina bambusifolia) ~ Grow Hawaii

Hawaiian Bamboo Orchid Plant (Arundina bambusifolia) ~ Grow Hawaii

At one time I was quite abundant in Hawaii, but now I'm seen less and less. My foliage is slender, erect reedlike, and I grow and grow just like bamboo, up to 5 feet tall. I suppose that's why I'm called Bamboo Orchid. I look like a miniature Cattleya Orchid. I'm lavender with a yellow-throated, purple-violet spurless lip.

Hawaiian Bamboo Orchid Plant 4 " Pot (Arundina bambusifolia) ~ Grow Hawaii

Bamboo Orchid plant is about 
1 1/2 - 2 feet tall in a 4" pot

  1 Plant         $34.99
 4 Plants       $99.99

Growing Instructions: Re-pot in potting soil from the garden shop, gradually move into full sun. Keep the temperature between 60F to 80F. Keep my plant moist, and fertilize it with a general garden fertilizer according to the instructions.
Additional Information: Bamboo orchid does not required chunky potting mix like other orchids, and unlike other orchids, it grows well in full sun.
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