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Hawaiian Blue Ginger Root (Dichorisandra thyrsiflora) ~ Grow Hawaii

Hawaiian Blue Ginger Root

I'm actually a Brazilian, but as you can see, I've adopted very well to Hawaii. I'm a perennial herb, creeping first, then becoming erect up to 3 feet high. My leaves are spirally arranged and are green and shiny. My flowers are deep blue, almost purple with yellow anthers. These make a very beautiful ornamental and I am easy to grow.

Hawaiian Blue Ginger Plant Root Cutting (Dichorisandra thyrsiflora) ~ Grow Hawaii

Each package contains
1 sprouted root cutting

     1 Package           $4.99
    5 Packages       $17.99
  10 Packages       $29.99
  50 Packages     $149.99
100 Packages     $269.99

Growing Instructions: Please plant my shoots in potting soil from the garden shop, and keep me moist but not soggy. Keep me in a shaded place because I'm not to fond of the sun as I burn easily. I consider 60F to 80F to be the ideal temperature range for me. Feed me with a general garden fertilizer according to the instructions and I will grow and grow for you.
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