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Hawaiian Dendrobium Orchid Plant 2 " Pot ~ Grow Hawaii

Hawaiian Dendrobium Orchid Plant ~ Grow Hawaii

There are about 1500 species, as well as several hundred hybrids of me, and I come from places such as India, Australia, Japan, China and Asian tropics and islands of the Pacific. My name Dendrobium stems from classic Greek and means ďliving on a tree.Ē Most of the species are tree dwellers, but I will nicely in a pot grown indoors. Iíve been quite popular with islanders for a long time. They plant me on their fern trees because Iím a good bloomer and easy to care for.

Hawaiian Dendrobium Orchid Plant 2" Pot ~ Grow Hawaii

Dendrobium Orchid plant is about 
4-8 inches tall in a 2" pot
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Growing Instructions: I enjoy bright light and 50 to 60 percent humidity. Plant me in fir bark or tree fern mixed with a 2Ē layer of drainage material at the bottom of a clay pot. I can use almost constant moisture as long as drainage is good and air circulation is constant. Fertilize me every other watering with a liquid fertilizer. No fertilizer when Iím leafless. Ideal temperature at 60F at night and 85F during the day.
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