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Hawaiian Kahili Ginger 2" Pot (Hedychium gardnerianum) ~ Grow Hawaii

Hawaiian Kahili Ginger Plant

The Hawaiian Chieftains had an emblem of royalty that was made from a pole; at the top, bird feathers were attached to form a cylindrical shaped head. These emblems were called kahilis, and wherever the chief went, this symbol would announce his presence and his rank. My cylindrically shaped cone with yellow flowers and bright red filaments resembles the chieftains kahilis; it is quite logical that I have been named Kahili ginger. Like my cousins the white and yellow gingers, I have a very pleasing fragrance. Being a native of the Himalayas, I have the ability to grow at altitudes of up to 8000 feet and endure considerable cold.

Hawaiian Kahili Ginger Plant 2" Pot (Hedychium gardnerianum) ~ Grow Hawaii

Kahili Ginger plant is about 
4-8 inches tall in a 2" pot

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Growing Instructions: Use a potting soil mix from the garden shop to re-pot in a larger container. Keep moist, continue to keep moist and in partial shade. An east window will do just fine. If you put me outdoors in the summer, make sure itís somewhere thatís shaded from the direct sun. Keep the temperature 65F to 85F, and fertilize with a timed-released fertilizer of garden fertilizer according to the instructions. I go dormant in the winter and will come back in the spring.
Additional Information: The best way to keep your Kahili ginger looking good year after year is to cut it back all the way to the root when the green stalk start to brown after it flowers. This allows the plant to grow all new shoots for the next season.
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