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Hawaiian Vanda Joaquim Orchid Plant 2 " Pot ~ Grow Hawaii

Hawaiian Vanda Joaquim Orchid Plant ~ Grow Hawaii

Iím a hybrid cross made about 1890 by a Mr. Joaquim of Singapore and named for his daughter Agnes. I was brought to Hawaii around 1930 but I did not become world famous until 1946 when I was marketed in the US. I was first used as a lei flower in 1938 and eventually became very popular. Hilo and Puna districts of the Big Island, Hawaii, are main centers of commercially grown vandas. I have light lavender petals and a dark lavender lip, and I last and last and last.

Hawaiian Vanda Joaquim Orchid Plant 2" Pot ~ Grow Hawaii

Vanda Orchid plant is about 
4-8 inches tall in a 2" pot
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Growing Instructions: Pot in coarse chunks of fir or redwood bark mixed with large perlite and hardwood charcoal for drainage (Orchid mix). Seedlings grow nicely with diffuse sun or broad-spectrum florescent tubes. Mature Vandas do best in a greenhouse and outdoors in full sun during the summer in temperate climates. My plant will thrive with 60 to 70 percent humidity and temperatures of 65F to 70F at nights; if the day temperatures are over 90F, keep the humidity high. Fertilize when my plant is making new leaves with a timed-release 14-14-14 fertilizer. Also, occasionally applications of water-soluble fertilizers diluted to half strength.
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